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Susy Foo.

780 288 7988

Susy Foo has 27 years of experience working with more than 1,000 Canadian families as a Financial Security Advisor.

Susy was graduated as a Bsc. in computer science from the University of Keele, England.

Susy is also a licensed mortgage broker since 2000

Shaun Ho

780 709 8081

Shaun Ho has 20 years of experience  in the financial services industry. 


Shaun was graduated as a Chartered Accountant from the University of Kent, England. 


Shaun is also a licensed Alberta Real Estate broker since 2005.

Olivia Liaw

780 913 1289

Olivia Liaw has 27 years of experience working with more than 500 Canadian families as a Financial Security Advisor. 


Olivia brings along with her a wealth of financial knowledge while working as a branch manager with Citibank.

Over the years, She had helped many Canadian Taxpayers with their income tax preparation.

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